Monday, April 18

A weekend of work

And just like that, the weekend's over again, and here I am back to work on the paper.

This month has five Saturdays, so that means we have five editions of the Roundup to work on. We're back down to our smaller size of 16 pages now, so it doesn't take nearly as much editorial to fill it. It's always an adjustment to cut back on the number of articles I prepare - I have a lot of extra from last week's paper.

Last week's cover featured an article by our summer intern, Tressa, who just started writing with the April 16 edition. She wrote the main cover article, on Wyoming FFA's State Star Farmer, and that's her, pictured in the lower right corner. This week she'll conduct an interview and attend a meeting, so she'll stay busy learning. :-)

I was concerned the cover looked pretty Halloween-ish, but it actually printed more peach than orange.

So other than that, I didn't take too many photos over the weekend. Saturday morning Scott, brother-in-law Jay and I headed up to the ranch to clean up where our tent will sit for our wedding reception. Cleaning up entails cutting up several large piles of trees for firewood next winter, and stacking it in the ranch yard. We spent about four hours at that, and made good progress.

Saturday night we had planned on going out to eat with some of the Martinez family, but then that ended up with everyone coming to our house, so after getting back in from the ranch we went grocery shopping and I made three pizzas for the dozen or so people who came over that evening. I was too busy getting things done on time, so no pictures of my recipes, but they all turned out pretty good - pepperoni, sausage with peppers and red onions and ham/pineapple. My new thing is to use Rotel tomatoes instead of tomato sauce for the base, which adds an extra zip to an otherwise plain pizza. Saturday night I used Rotel on the pepperoni pizza.

Following our pizza party, mother-in-law Shirley spent the night at our house, and for breakfast Sunday morning I made sausage patties, fried eggs and Marmalade Muffins, a recipe from PW's cookbook. We also had cantaloupe and strawberries that I had on hand. Again, if I'd been thinking and not so focused on getting things ready I would have taken a picture of our breakfast table. It was pretty and spring-like.

Yesterday after cleaning the office I went to Menards for grow lights for my seeds that have sprouted. Of course, I did some research after I got home and discovered that I had bought the wrong type, so hopefully I can get back to return them today and get the proper lighting for my little seedlings, which I moved back down to the basement. I also got my zinnia seeds planted, and now they're upstairs in the warmth until they sprout.

I do have some photos of the seed/seedling project, so I will put them in my next post.

Basically this post was to say that I did a lot this weekend, but have no photos of any of it. :-)

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