Monday, April 4

Weekend: Spring Cleaning

Although it doesn't look much like spring in this photo I took Sunday morning, Saturday was a gorgeous, albeit windy, day, and I got lots of work done both inside and outside the house.

That included: finishing sweeping and mopping the basement and washing the dogs' rugs, sweeping and scrubbing the basement stairway, hanging new hooks for broom, mop, etc in the basement stairway, sweeping out the patio, raking and fertilizing the yard, cleaning the old leaves off the driveway, setting up my countertop table in the laundry room, throwing a bunch of stuff in the dumpster and I forget what else.

I'm glad I got so much accomplished, because something about cold, dark, snowy weather makes me want to take it easy. Sunday morning Scott started a fire, and I made French toast for breakfast.

Apparently Scott and the girls also feel lazy and sleepy on snowy Sunday afternoons, because this is what they looked like for the better part of the afternoon:

Don't they look relaxed? While they were all sleeping I worked in my sewing room, and it was a quite nice way to spend the afternoon. Scott and I also went out to get house supplies at Menards and grocery shopping in the snow. One thing I bought at Menards were seed packets and some flats to start some seeds, including some flowers, herbs and some lettuce and spinach. Wish me luck! It'll be the first time I've tried it, and I'll keep you posted.

This was one of my Saturday projects. I stained these shelves many weekends ago, but they hadn't found their way onto the wall yet. I finally got them hung in the hall leading to the spare room, and moved Scott's shot glasses from the scallop valances, whose removal is making its way to the top of my to-do list.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures over the weekend, because it was a lot of cleaning and not much project-ing, but necessary, nonetheless. Hopefully in the evenings this week I'll be able to check more projects off my list.

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