Friday, April 1

Baby Growing: 18 weeks

Here it's already been four weeks since my last baby post. The weeks continue to fly by, and in a mere week and a half Scott and I will go in for our ultrasound appointment.

The big news of this week is that I can now feel Baby Martinez moving around, and he/she sure is an active little guy/girl. I frequently feel movement when I'm sitting at my desk working. Scott is jealous and wants to know when he'll be able to feel movement from the outside. I told him he'd have to wait quite a while.

Scott is very concerned about my not overdoing it, which is a good thing. I like knowing that he cares so much. :-) This morning I had to scoot under my car and wire the exhaust back up. I discovered it had fallen down when trying to back out my driveway and go to work. Needless to say, that was not a Scott-approved activity. So I've got my truck today, and we'll get the car in to get fixed come Monday.

Fridays have become my day of the week to look forward to, because that's when I get the email updates saying "You are now __ weeks pregnant," and in them are descriptions of about how big the baby is that week, what's developing, etc. In today's email I was told the baby's the size of a red pepper in one email, and a sweet potato in another. Because red peppers are prettier, that's what I chose to post here. :-)

I'm still not showing all that much, although I've noticed a baby bump does tend to show up more readily after I've eaten a meal. There's not enough room for both in there. Still no cravings to speak of... I read a few places that if you have a balanced diet you have fewer cravings, so I'll take that as a good sign. Still eating all the same old things - whole grain cereal, yogurt, blueberries, lots of fresh vegetables along with the dishes that I make in the evenings for dinner. Trying to keep my food wholesome and nutritious. My one downfall I've allowed myself is French fries - when we go out to eat, I do allow myself to order them. But then, I've always had a weakness for French fries.

As you've read on the blog, I've been focusing on house projects and getting things accomplished, and I hope to continue on that roll until I reach the end of my list... if there is an end to the list.

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