Monday, May 16

Baby Update: 24.5 weeks

The big baby news of last week was that I made one of the necessary big purchases - a crib from Heather's Baby Exchange here in town. I had gone in the day before, just to look, and there was a used pair of matching cribs that had belonged to a set of twins. I figured if they were still in this good of shape after handling twins, they had to be good! I always forget the brand name, but they're high-quality, and this one I purchased is now in the garage, waiting a potential colored stain before moving downstairs to the baby room.

I don't really like this photo of me all that well, but it's the first one of myself in quite some time - I handed Scott the camera when we were out checking on mares and foals last Friday evening. At six months, I'm glad that this is all the more I'm showing - I still don't even necessarily feel like I'm pregnant, except for the almost-constant kicking and squirming from the baby.

I had another of my monthly checkups on May 9, and everything is still fine and dandy. So far my sugar levels must be testing fine, because I haven't been told that I need a test for gestational diabetes. I've continued to gain right at a pound a week, and lately, while I've still been gaining for the baby, I've actually been losing some undesirable and unnecessary weight, which is nice. I'm looking forward to getting right back into my regular clothes after delivery, and at this point it looks like that's how it's going.

My next ultrasound is scheduled for May 24, and I'm looking forward to seeing how much the baby has changed since the first one we had in April.

So far I'm still not having any strong cravings, except for maybe consuming more fruit than I did before. I've transitioned from eating a lot of vegetables to eating a lot of fruit, which fits nicely with my yogurt/granola/fruit/flaxseed breakfasts.

I have purchased a few more maternity shirts, and a pair of Cowgirl Tuff jeans... I like my new pair so much that Scott told me I should take them off and wash them at some point. So I did. :-) Still no maternity jeans or pants necessary, and I'm still trying to avoid them.

As far as the baby room goes, I have green paint that matches the green stripe in the rug for one of the walls. I wanted to stain the crib red, but didn't find any reds I like, so it might end up with a pretty dark blue stain instead. Other than that, just waiting for a few more furniture pieces to arrive with my mom from Iowa in a couple weeks! Following our wedding party on Memorial Day weekend I'll be able to get to work on more details, like shelving, curtains, fitted sheet, etc.

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