Monday, May 16

Weekend DIY

Yesterday was full of DIY projects around the house, after spending most of the day Saturday running around town. First up was mowing the yard, and next I got started on some projects in the patio, including these frames I collected at garage sales over the last couple weekends. They will be used for enlarged photos of Scott and I when we were younger at our wedding party in a couple weeks, and they're all painted in colors I've got in my house, so after the party they'll find their way most likely into our bedroom.

Scott and the girls went up to the ranch yesterday to drag the road, so feline assistant Link was able to come and go as he pleased without the dogs around.

Freshly painted frames. At this point I was a little doubtful about the glossy red.

But once they were dry and I'd sanded them down a little for an aged/rustic look, I'm really glad I did the red. Just the yellow and green would be a little drab.

Speaking of drab, this is the closet space in the downstairs bedroom - minus the shoe storage and clothes bar that have been in there since I moved in. I decided it was high time to get rid of some of the blah brown color in that room, so I purchased a buttery yellow paint that goes with our bedspread, and got to work.

One coat.

Pretty sure this was after two coats. I've since applied a third coat, which got the job done, and I'm also painting the little recessed cubbyhole in the wall yellow. More pictures to come... the project still isn't quite completed. I ran out of weekend! There is a wire shelving unit to be installed in the closet space, and I'd like to paint the trim white to further brighten the space. Now that I'm started, I'm not so sure I won't end up repainting the entire room, but now that all of our furniture is in there, that would be a pain, and a project for a future weekend.

We have installed a shelving unit containing five six-foot-long shelves in the bedroom, to hold boots, hat boxes, jeans and whatever else, and so far the shelves have been their natural pine color. I finally finished that project yesterday, too.

This is the color they are now. So much better!

I also went to the fabric store and picked up the red and green checked fabric off the sale table. It took me a while to make up my mind what I wanted, but I think the checked fabric will work just fine, after putting it with a few of my other things for decorating under the tent at our wedding party in a couple weeks. So far I'm really pleased with how things are coming together.

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