Tuesday, May 3

Because there's been time for little else....

I thought I'd just share another foal photo with you, instead of leaving the blog completely silent. :-) This is my favorite one of the Paint colt, because of the way he's framed by his mother's coat pattern.

Today was filled with writing articles, planning, taking care of details, etc at the office after attending the Joint Ag Committee of the Wyoming Legislature meeting yesterday. I'm looking forward to several interviews for assistant editor later this week, but am also a little nervous, because I have to live with whomever I choose! Training an assistant can be a large undertaking, and teaching someone to write is no small task. I hope I can make a wise decision, and that whomever we choose will pay off on that time investment. Stay tuned for the update at the end of the week!

Otherwise, Scott and I went out to check the cows this evening, and the first of the calves have hit the ground, and the trees are finally budding. We knew that eventually it would begin to look like spring around here. I'm hoping to get back out to see little Cindy Lou in a few evenings, to handle her a little more before they get let out of the corral.

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