Monday, May 2

Newborn horses

At last! The long-awaited arrival of Jazz's foal took place on Saturday - April 30. I was disappointed that it's a filly - I was really hoping for a horse colt to turn into a saddle horse for ranch work, but she's cute, nonetheless.

Scott was up at the ranch and running around with some cow work all day Saturday, and I was still quite under the weather with my cold, so we didn't make it out to see her until Sunday, and Jake had already gathered them up and brought them to the corrals.

I was pleased to find that Jazz is a very good and protective mother. Although she was ok with me being in the corral and handling the colt, Jake said she'd threatened him once already.

Last night I was going through these photos, and looking at the marking on her face, trying to decide if it looked like anything that would lend itself to a name. I wasn't coming up with anything, but Scott came to look, and he commented that the white marking looks like a Who from Whoville in the Dr. Seuss stories, so she was promptly named Cindy Lou Who, who Scott says was a character in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas story.

After he said that, the resemblance is quite striking!

We didn't stay too long - I handled her a few times, and she's a feisty one, and took a few photos and then we left them alone.

But she's a cute one, and I look forward to making it out to Jake's more frequently, in effort to keep her tame and halfway manageable. I expect April to have her foal in two or three weeks, and hopefully I get a horse colt out of that one. What are the odds I'll have two fillies? I hope not good!

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