Wednesday, May 25

Getting ready for company

The to-do lists, shopping lists and things-to-not-forget lists continue this week, in preparation for our wedding party this Saturday. In the last three days all my spare time has been dedicated to making lists and crossing them off... cleaning, shopping, cooking, packing supplies for the ranch, decorating...

Last night, after mowing and trimming the yard and dusting the front room, was breakfast roll night, and I made my mom's roll recipe, but used PW's orange marmalade filling.

These rolls are for tomorrow morning, to send up to the ranch with Scott tonight for those who are loading up and heading to gather and trail cows tomorrow. The extras I'll keep here at the house, and my mom, dad and I can enjoy them for breakfast.

I have yet to put the orange glaze on them, as I wanted to wait until as late as possible so they're as fresh as possible.

Given the nature of yeast breads, I was up until 11 finishing these up - my usual bedtime is 9 these days. I couldn't resist taking the warm, sticky, soft center out of that one for a sample. I can never resist fresh bread hot out of the oven. I figure I put all the work into making them - I can destroy one, right?

This morning has been a cleaning morning, working on downstairs, as my parents will stay in Scott's and my room tonight. Soon I'll head to the office and finish up the paper, run some more errands midday and work on the last of the cleaning and cooking while waiting for my mom and dad and friends Jim and Kami to arrive from Iowa this evening.

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