Monday, May 23

In review

In Wyoming, just because it's mid-May doesn't mean the flowers are safe from snowfall.
Things around here have been busy, which means the blog falls low on the priority list...

Since my last post, the Roundup's new assistant editor Saige Albert has started here in the office, we put out last week's paper and Saturday morning Scott and I made it to Pavillion and back by noon - and that included going to the ranch to load an inexperienced-at-loading colt and getting him brand inspected. Saturday afternoon was our nephew's high school graduation reception, and Saturday evening and yesterday were spent getting a start on the to-do list for our upcoming wedding party this Saturday. I'm planning food for 200 Saturday evening, as well as a number of smaller meals from Thursday through Sunday for those who are staying around up at the ranch.

So the rest of this week will be consumed with finishing the paper up by Wednesday and completing the last of my errands and to-dos in the time I have between office hours each day. I'll post here if I can!

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