Saturday, May 7

Salvation Army finds

So far it's been a busy Saturday, with visiting a few garage sales, heading out to feed horses, cleaning the office, lunch at Firerock with Martinez family, grocery shopping, a stop at Menards... and a stop by Salvation Army just to see what was there.

The above items are what I found - the blue enamel roaster pan will be used - both lid and bottom - as my spinach/salad garden. The lamps will be painted and used in the baby room, and the yellow baking dishes I'll use in the house as catch-alls - we can never have too many of them. The little glass pitcher was just because it fits with my collection. And all for just under $12.

Upon returning home I hauled everything in, and sat down and put my feet up, which might have been a mistake. I have way too many things still on my list for today, and next up is picking up sticks and mowing the yard....

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