Friday, May 6

Yes - More Foal Photos

Yesterday evening, following rounds of assistant editor interviews and Pathfinder 4-H grant interviews, I still had enough daylight to get out and check on Jazz and Cindy Lou. That's the beauty of longer days and impending summer!

Momma and baby are both doing very well, and I spent some time with Cindy Lou, looping a halter rope around her neck and butt, rubbing her and picking up her feet. It sure is easier to do that initially when they're still in this baby stage, as opposed to a robust two- or three-month-old.

When I first got out there she was sound asleep.

I wish I lived in a situation where I could keep them right outside, but on the other hand, I may not get a whole lot else done, besides messing with them.

Since Jake is gone this weekend and left Jazz in the corral for me, I need to make it back out there to give her some more hay in the morning. Scott thinks I'm just using that as an excuse to see the baby again. :-)

By the time I had finished with them and went to check on April the light was getting pretty low, so the photo quality isn't the greatest, but here is my second expectant mother. Once again I lectured her on the critical need for her to produce a horse colt. In a few more weeks we'll know which way it'll go.

Otherwise, this is bound to be another busy weekend - I've made up a list of house projects I'd like to get done, as well as grocery shopping for the Mother's Day dinner we're hosting on Sunday, and I also have Horse Edition to proof. The layout looks great - Tracy once again made a very pretty edition.

Dennis and I finished up assistant editor interviews today, and I made a phone call to the candidate we liked best. Here's hoping she accepts! She was very professional, positive and qualified.

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