Wednesday, May 18

Thermopolis is famous

"If you live there, and you drive this regularly, you are so very blessed."

That's a quote from the most recent blog post on PW's blog in the homeschooling section.

I guess I'm one of those who the guest blogger counts 'very blessed,' because the photos she posted of their drive through the Wind River Canyon and then staying overnight in Thermop are very familiar.

It's interesting to read about places I frequent so often in the words of a tourist, because anymore I take the canyon for granted. The first time I drove through it I was impressed, but anymore my thoughts run along the lines of... 'ok, I'm at Shoshoni, but it'll still take 30 minutes at least to get to Thermop, because of the canyon.'

Given the amount of traffice that PW gets on her site, maybe Thermopolis, and Wyoming in general, will have just a few more visitors this summer. Speaking from experience, familiarity aside, it's worth the visit!

Next up the blogger and her family will be in Cody, so I'm interested to see what she says. To her delight, the drive from Thermopolis to Cody will be even prettier than what she's already seen. :-)

I'm interested to see if they'll even be able to get into Yellowstone, though, much less get around in the park, because they're still getting large amounts of snow this month...

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