Monday, June 13

Baby Update: Two Trimesters - Check

Well, we're officially 28.5 weeks into pregnancy, and that means we're also in the third trimester. Where has the time gone? In January, it seemed like we had forever before the baby got here, but now we're only 12 short weeks away from due-date.

The photo above Scott took on Saturday when we'd finished gathering and trailing some cows up at the grazing association. His big black gelding Deets was my faithful steed that day, as my mares are still out of commission, with Jazz's Cindy Lou being pretty young yet, and April still not foaled out.

So far, so good with baby growing. I had my blood glucose test last week, and all those results turned up fine. My doctor has switched me to three-week checkups instead of four, and the baby is still in a breech position at this point. I thought it might have turned yesterday, but not yet. It does still like to move around almost constantly.

Still no cravings, except that I have started to eat more fruit than I used to, and I'm still getting away without purchasing maternity pants. Of course, my most expensive ones are my most comfortable, but several of my other pairs are also still working ok.

With only 12 weeks left to go, I need to get after sanding down the crib for its makeover. We also need to plan a furniture-moving evening and invite some strong friends over, when the armoire and crib can go downstairs, as well as the dresser that will be my changing table, and the loveseat needs to come upstairs to be moved to my office at the Roundup.

We received the money to purchase a jogging stroller from Scott's sister Penny, and I need to go to one of the local baby stores here in town and see what she has. I want a jogging stroller not for jogging, but to be able to get around in all-terrain situations, like up at the ranch and in the corrals. I can only imagine fighting with those that I think of as "mall strollers." I also need to research car seats and have one of those on its way.

In addition to those purchases, I still have some DIY projects on my list, like curtains, fitted mattress sheets, chair cushions, etc for sewing projects. I'd like to make a baby quilt out of the red and green checked fabric that we used for our reception centerpieces - I thought that would be a great way to repurpose.

Speaking of reception centerpieces, I never properly posted about our wedding party on Memorial Day weekend - something I hope to get to this week. The decorations turned out nicely, and I was pleased with how they looked, and they were simple and inexpensive to put together, which was my main goal.

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  1. Your baby eggplant bump is popping out more since we last saw you two weeks ago!