Friday, June 17

J802: A Step Back in Time

Today I am using some of my Friday afternoon 'free' time before starting next week's paper to organize photos, shifting some to my external hard drive and editing and labeling others for Tracy to use as stock photos for the paper.

As a part of this, I also emptied and formatted the memory card in my phone, which has been collecting photos for quite some time.

Amongst them are these photos of my old apartment that I took the last time I was ever there, after all the vacuuming, scrubbing and cleaning was finished. I've been saving them on my phone with the intention of putting them on my computer someday.

I must have done a pretty good job cleaning, because even after living there from August 2006 to April 2010, and the usual marks of an everyday, lived-in place, I got my deposit back.

It had the large living area, which was mostly open to the kitchen, and two bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as a closet in the hallway for washer and dryer, which I lived without for at least a couple years, if not three. That meant regular treks to the community laundry facility up the hill at the apartment office.

Although I didn't like the idea of renting, I wanted to be sure the Roundup and this state were something I was going to stick with for quite some time, and after four years and a new position at the Roundup, it was time for an upgrade. I had begun looking at houses a year before, but had to be patient, because I just couldn't make a house payment pencil out with my Roundup salary at that time. As it turned out, all things truly did work together for good.

The patience paid off, because now I've been in a house that I love for a little over a year, and it was worth the wait. Although I certainly don't wish to be back in the apartment, it was good to me, and was ideal for what I needed, when I needed it, and you might say I miss it, in a way. It represents a chapter in my life that has ended, and one that I remember fondly - cats, roommates, patio garden, the dog Beacon, sewing projects, cooking, Link out in the grass on a leash, making do with free TVs...

I'm glad that I hadn't moved yet before I started hanging out with Scott, so that he, too, knows a little taste of what it was like when I lived there.If you look back at any number of my blog posts before April 2010, you're sure to find plenty of photos in and around the apartment.

Thanks for your patience with my reminiscing. :-) It's sure to continue as I get deeper into organizing my photos... flipping through my computer photo files is like flipping through an old photo album.

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