Monday, June 20

Weekend in Photos: Honest Horses

Yesterday we went up to Kaycee to help Uncle Sonny and Aunt Carole brand a group of calves between rain showers. The weather held, the cattle worked smoothly and I, being on 'light duty' this summer, kept my camera in hand.

At this branding, in addition to the usual photos and angles, I tried to focus on the horses.

You just can't beat a good working ranch horse.

They know their job, and they do it well.

After April had a filly last Friday evening, bring me to two for two, I will still be in search of a gelding to get started.

These horses know how to quietly move into a bunch of cows and calves, tracking one calf at a time for their rider to rope.

They don't get excited, or stir things up.

And then they patiently drag calves, one by one, to the branding stove.

Then they wait, some of them holding one end of the calf, until branding, vaccinating, ear-marking and castrating is finished up, all of which only takes a matter of a minute or two.

They are the silent partners on ranches, but that doesn't mean they're underappreciated.

Because every cowboy and rancher knows the value of having a sound, solid and smart partner.

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