Wednesday, July 20

Baby Update: 34 Weeks

Well here we are, already at 34 weeks along! These summer weeks are ticking by quickly, and my sense of urgency to get a little farther along on my to-do list has not gone away.

Thankfully, all the big furniture projects are done, and what remains is mainly some sewing projects, most of which should go quickly. I'd still like to make curtains, fitted mattress sheets, the changing pad covers, etc. I haven't had any luck finding an upholstered chair that rocks. After listening to me describe what I want to several furniture salesmen, Scott is convinced that what I want doesn't exist and that I would have to have something custom-made. I might have to settle for a glider - we'll see.

As far as how the summer's treating me, everyone assumes the heat we've had over the last week or so is making me miserable, but it really hasn't. But they all have to ask, anyway. I've always liked the heat, and that is still working in my favor, especially since Wyoming has such a dry heat. The air conditioner still doesn't work all that great in my car, and we don't have any cooling system in the house, but that's fine by me. I'm enjoying the warm weather while it's here - last winter was so bitterly cold for so long, and I haven't forgotten.

During my last visit to the baby doctor she estimated the baby at above weight for its age - which makes sense, since I was 10 pounds, 12 ounces and Scott was 10 pounds. This doesn't bode well for a small baby for me! So much for low birth weight genetics...

The baby is very squirmy! And sometimes when Scott touches my belly it will react with a kick. I've also noticed that it will startle when I make a loud noise, like with a stack of bowls in the kitchen. And hiccups. A lot of hiccups these days.

We have also chosen a pediatrician, Dr. Greene, who has practiced in Casper for 32 years. I figured with a record like that he must do ok. I went and met with him last week, and am confident that he will be a good doctor for the baby.

Scott and I are still making our way through the classes at the hospital, with one tonight and then one more next week, when we'll take a tour of the labor and delivery floor, as well as the mother/baby unit on the floor below. It sounds like almost all new moms get to have their babies room in with them these days while everyone recovers from delivery, which I like.

I've negotiated the ins and outs of a baby registry at Target, but I'm not sure how successfully. :-) Had it been kitchen things I was registering for, it would have been a piece of cake, but when one knows very little about what you're buying for, it does make it a challenge. With a few 'suggestion' lists in hand, I worked my way through and hopefully have most of the basics covered. But I'm sure there are obvious things I missed. To date, I have two showers planned for after the baby comes, because they want to know whether to purchase for a boy or girl. One is the Alcova women, whose families Scott grew up with, and the other is one the office girls here at the Roundup are hosting.

I've made good progress planning out the paper for Saige while I'm away in September, and will have her prepared to take over by the end of state fair week, which ends Aug. 19, though I plan to keep working right up until the end.

So that's the latest - still not a whole lot to report, just making our way through the last weeks. As we get closer to delivery, I'm sure that Scott will not let me get too far from town, and I've already received lectures on how I shouldn't let my phone run dead in case I need to get a hold of him. I'm bad about not recharging. :-)


  1. You inherited the habit of not charging your phone battery from your mother. It drives your father crazy. Yes, I am still patiently waiting for photos of the baby's room.

  2. Those chairs do exist! I've never seen one in person but they're in all the baby magazines. Maybe online?

  3. The new style of gliders are nice comfy upholstered rocking chairs - but much more expensive than normal gliders! I think some recliners rock too - maybe you could look into those? They would be easier to sleep in with the baby too :-)