Wednesday, July 20

Project: Baby Quilts

Yes, I have finally gotten a start on my baby sewing projects! Last night I finished cutting out the top pieces of fabric for Baby Martinez's quilt, and started sewing them together. I would have taken a photo this morning, but I left my little camera's battery charging at the office overnight.

However, I realized that I never posted the final photos of Baby Ehlers's quilt, whom we now know is little miss Sophia Ruth. :-)

It all started with this stack of fabric on my sewing table...

And lots of help from Foxy...

And Lucy...

And, of course, Link, who felt the need to be in the closet shelving in this photo.

This is called a 'log cabin' pattern, and one that I found in a Martha Stewart magazine last winter. I like it because it's easy, and doesn't have multiple small pieces. I'm not that confident in my quilting accuracy, at least not yet. I'd like to try a more complicated one at some point...

Sewing the strips together...

Here the photo is almost all completely sewn together.

And all done with the top! Surprisingly, sewing the top together has been the easiest part of both of the quilts I've made so far. Getting the top, lining and bottom to all come together smoothly and evenly without bumps or shifts has been the worst part.

I chose to use the darker pink fabric for the binding.

Half of the binding is machine-sewn, while the other half, to finish it off nice and pretty, is attached by hand. At this stage I had machine-sewn the binding all the way around.

And after a couple winter evenings of hand-stitching, here it is, all done!

I'm pretty happy with the final product. I was concerned about the pinks clashing, but I've come to discover the whole point of a quilt is to not be perfectly coordinated, and both of them have turned out just fine.

Here is the previous one I made for Baby Seehusen, whom we now know is Nora Beth:

Yes, this is the one of which I forgot to take a photo of the final product before boxing it up and sending it off to Iowa.

I'll upload some photos of Baby Martinez's quilt in the days to come... hopefully I'll also get those baby room photos taken that I promised several days ago. :-)

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  1. Sophia has been enjoying using the quilt to lay on the living room floor :-) It is so pretty - thank you!