Saturday, July 16

Nine days?

Has it really been that long since I've posted?

As you probably assumed, things are still keeping pretty busy around here, with looking after the paper, preparing for baby and everything else that tends to come up in the normal progression of life.

In the last nine days I've been out of the office to Sheridan and Buffalo, gone branding out at Trav's west of Casper, attended a couple more baby classes at the hospital, put the finishing touches on the Roundup's State Fair Edition and finished waxing and putting the final touches on the baby furniture, which is all moved down to the baby room, as of last night! I really like how it's coming together.

This is a little taste of what we were up to this evening, following a morning of some cow work at the ranch, like branding several late calves and turning our bulls out. Tonight we went to the short go - or final performance - of the Central Wyoming Fair Rodeo. It was a gorgeous night to be out and about.

I promise I will take some baby room pictures tomorrow! Now that the major furniture work is done, it's time to start sewing...

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