Thursday, July 7

Priorities: To Sleep or to Clean?

As usual, things are very busy in my part of the world, between looking after my responsibilities at the Roundup, preparing for the baby (only eight weeks to go!) and all the other day-to-day activities that I used to have plenty of time for...

The above photo was taken while we were on the late-June tour of the Fieldgrove Ranch near Buffalo. Liz of the Wyoming Stock Growers was kind enough to send it to me yesterday, and it shows my baby bump as of week 30 of pregnancy... since then I've gotten a little bigger, but I'm still not all that huge.

Since crossing the 'two months left' point, I've tried to kick it into gear with getting projects done, but it's still slow going. Because I've had baby classes the last two evenings this week, I still haven't had time to put the wax on the furniture that's outside. I'm looking forward to the point when we can move it downstairs, and I can actually start putting the baby room together. Right now it's still pretty much in disarray.

Yesterday I did make it to the fabric store here in town to make my selections before the 50 percent off sale came to an end. I chose these six fabrics, and have plenty of yards, so this should take care of whatever I dream up - or have time - to sew. I'd for sure like to do a couple fitted crib sheets, curtains, changing pad covers, a cushion for a small rocking chair that my mother-in-law gave me, some burp cloths and maybe a few other things if I get to the end of that list...

This week at the Roundup, in addition to having a short week because of the holiday on Monday, we're working on our State Fair Edition. So far, so good, as I have good help and everything is coming together nicely.

So, with my never-ending to-do list on my mind, I sat on the couch this morning eating my cereal after Scott left for work at 5:45, debating whether I'd get some more sleep or clean on the house. The to-do list won out, and I ended up sweeping and scrubbing the kitchen floor, basement stairs and basement floor before coming to work. I figure, that way, tonight I can go to work on the furniture projects and not worry about cleaning. So here I sit, a little sleepy, but working on getting the regular weekly and special edition articles done today. Wish me luck!

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  1. I love this photo of you. It would be fun to this on a gallery wall with photos of the baby in the nursery.