Wednesday, August 3

All in a Day's Work

After spending yesterday in the Hyattville/Manderson area and getting five interviews for our upcoming special edition, today I am headed north to the Greybull/Shell area for several more.

Last night I went out in search of cell service, and on my way back in to the ranch where I'm staying I stopped to take some photos. This is rough, dry country around here, and broad daylight is really not flattering to it, so I was glad to get some photos in the pretty evening light. There's quite a bit of irrigation in the drainages, where mostly alfalfa hay and corn for silage are grown. Most irrigation is done by pivots.

I've been admiring the blue tin roof on this barn since I got here - it's along the road back to my cabin. Unfortunately, I had lost my sunshine to clouds by the time I got this far.

So more interviews today, and possibly a stop at the Big Horn County Fair in Basin. The fair is the reason some of my interviews didn't pan out - livestock is due to be brought in today, and many ranch families were preoccupied with all the last-minutes.

And back home tonight! It will be good to be home. There are two ways to get back to Casper over the Big Horn Mountains, and I haven't decided which one I'll take yet. There aren't many cattle in the lower country this time of year, as they're all grazing on mountain allotments, so I need to get a few photos up there to go along with my articles.

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