Tuesday, August 2

Peace and Quiet

Yep, I'm still just relaxing in my cabin... the above photo I took this morning in the early light of morning, while the whitetails were still playing the meadow. I don't think I've ever seen whitetails run and play and jump just because they can, but there was a group of about five of them who were certainly enjoying being deer this morning.

I had been invited to go have breakfast with the Robertsons at 6, but even though I was up, I wasn't really around, so just munched on some cereal I had brought along. Then fell back asleep, only to be awakened by the sound of a diesel engine, and breakfast on my front porch railing.

Mrs. Robertson has to be among the sweetest hostesses in Wyoming! This is what she had delivered. The bread was still warm from the oven! She came back shortly with a note, because she wasn't sure if I was up, so we chatted briefly. They're headed to Billings today to pick up a piece of equipment.

So now my next interview isn't until 10, and it's not far from here, so I'm going to get started transcribing my Robertson interview from last night. No time like the present! It would be a great relief to have these 10 or 12 special edition articles all finished up before the baby comes.

If you ever want a secluded getaway, there are many prime opportunities in Wyoming, and perhaps you should look up the Robertsons at Hyattville and come stay in their cabin. :-)

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