Wednesday, August 17

Fair, Photography... Busy!

And I was doing so good in posting consistently! This week is state fair week in Wyoming, which means we at the paper are busy making sure we've got all our bases covered, and today is our big day, with the Cattlemen's Conference this afternoon, which we sponsor with a feeder from Wheatland, and our Wyoming Ag Hall of Fame Picnic this evening, which we sponsor with Farm Credit Services and Encana Oil and Gas.

The above picture was taken at opening weekend of State Fair, at the Wyoming State Fair Ranch Rodeo Finals. That's Tami Larsen on her Redneck stud - the one that would have been April's colt's grandfather, had she taken the time I bred her to Bob's stud colt.

During the ranch rodeo I spent some time taking photos, until my camera battery died. My camera battery's kind of like some cell phone batteries... It'll last forever on full bars, and when it starts getting down even one bar, there really isn't all that much power left.

I came up with some ok ranch bronc photos - nothing brilliant, but I've still stumbled into an opportunity to sell prints to the stock contractor to whom they belong.

Today I won't have a whole lot of time to take photos at fair, as I'll be busy with the Wyoming Livestock Board meeting this morning, and I will take some at the picnic tonight. After the picnic a bunch of us from the Roundup are going to the Darryl Worley/Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers concert in the grandstand, which should be a good show, and it should be a gorgeous summer evening.

Then tomorrow morning I'm headed to Esterbrook, which is just beneath Laramie Peak in the Laramie Mountains south of Douglas, where State Fair is held, to take senior pictures for a coworker's daughter.

So, with all this coming up today and tomorrow, I need to get going to gather all my things together, but I wanted to put up a quick post to touch base. :-)

Also, last night I finished the hardest part of my slipcover project for my upholstered rocker, and it turned out way better than I thought it might! Now I just have to finish the dust ruffle on the bottom, and make a case for the seat cushion. Then I can move on down to the other simpler sewing projects on my list for the baby room.

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