Saturday, August 20

The Good Life

We officially made it through State Fair week! From Wednesday through yesterday was pretty full, with our Cattlemen's Conference and Ag Hall of Fame Picnic on Wednesday, Kendra's senior pictures, attending the Wyoming Beef Council meeting and writing five articles on Thursday, then putting the paper out and going back down to State Fair Friday afternoon for the Wyoming Dept. of Ag Director's Reception and the rodeo on Friday evening.

But I made it through all that, and the baby did not come during the busy week, and that's all I was asking for! Paula, Kendra and I had fun taking senior photos on Thursday, and I am very pleased with how they turned out.

In fact, I don't think they could have turned out better! The lighting was fabulous, the locations were pretty and Kendra made my job very easy.

I'm still working on sorting and editing the 500-and-some images that I took. There are about 50 that I chose that I really like, which is usually about the percentage that I end up liking when I go out to take photos. Paula and Kendra are also very happy with them, which is all that matters. :-)

Also, I sold my first prints to the stock contractor this week, and I plan to start putting money away from photography income to start purchasing camera equipment. Scott also got a raise this week at work, so things are looking pretty good around here.

Now all we need is a painless delivery and a healthy baby! Many people were surprised to see me roaming State Fair, but almost just as many people have predicted that the baby will come late. I guess I still don't look like I'm over 38 weeks pregnant and they don't believe my due date, even though I'm absolutely positive it's accurate as far as the 40-week timetable goes.

In sad news, though, my summer intern Tressa has left for school in Texas, and Saige and I are now on our own with the editorial again. It was a delight to work with Tressa over the summer, and we wish her nothing but the best as she continues her ag communicaitons education in the south!

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