Wednesday, August 10

Proud of our Product

Just a note... I wanted to pass along this tidbit from a recent visitor to the office, and write it down before I forget...

"When we had our budget cuts and lost our earmark, I told my staff to cancel all of our subscriptions at the office. A few weeks later I realized I wasn't getting my Roundup, and hadn't realized that we'd canceled it, too. Now it's the only one we've resubscribed to, because we just can't live without it." - Wyoming Wildlife Services Director Rod Krischke, who was sitting in the Roundup's entry area reading the latest copy

And here's another note that Curt recently received in his email:

"Also wanted to let you know that we subscribed to Tri State Livestock the same time we started getting the Round Up and we much prefer the Round Up. It has many more articles that pertain to our interests and way of life and we look forward to receiving it!" - Charity Crump, Crump Red Angus

We receive notes like these on a regular basis, and it's always rewarding to hear positive feedback. Sometimes it's hard to know if we're producing what the people want... I sometimes worry that the articles and features I plan are boring, or that nobody cares, so it's great to hear from people that we're on the right track, and I love our readers! :-)

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