Monday, August 1

Summer's Heat

Another weekend already over! They do go by so fast, but really, if not for the work week to separate the weekends, I don't think we'd appreciate them so much.

This last weekend I took the equivalent of six hours in naps, and it was wonderful. :-) Friday evening and Saturday morning it was just cat Link and myself at the house, so we did some organizing projects and worked on baby things before heading to the ranch late Saturday afternoon for dinner. I took a rhubarb cobbler and ice cream to share - coworker Jody and I made a visit to the Casper farmers' market Saturday morning, where I picked up the rhubarb.

All of the 'menfolk' had spent Saturday gathering and trailing cows, and everyone was pretty hot and tired, and our dogs were pretty worn out after that. I was kind of glad for a good excuse to stay out of the hot summer sun.

So Sunday morning we all woke up at 4 and they saddled their horses and we had breakfast together before loading up the horses.

They were headed several pastures in the direction of town, so I tagged along with them and pestered them for photo ops after they'd unloaded the horses. Thankfully they were obliging, as I wanted to experiment with some silhouettes, which I haven't done a whole lot of.

After they headed back west toward the cows on their horses, I slowly made my way east toward town, making a few stops on the way to try some more photo experiments. This one of the tree I'm not in love with, but it's close to what I was looking for.

And I'm not in love with this daybreak one either, but again, it's close. Practice makes perfect! I was glad for the prime opportunity to take early-morning photos.

After getting back to town the pups and I had some more breakfast - it had been four hours since the first one, so I figured it was ok - and then headed out to check on the fillies, which I hadn't seen in two weeks. I turned out staying longer than anticipated, but I did get my red two-horse trailer sold, so it was worth it. I also took the chance to ride each of my mares a little bit, and I think that's the first time they've had a bit in their mouths all summer long.

Then I came back to town and slept for two hours. :-)

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