Monday, August 1

No Cell Service...

But I do have wireless internet!!

These are the kinds of anomalies that are common in Wyoming. :-)

The photo above is pretty dim, because I took it at 9 p.m., a few minutes ago, but it shows the hay meadow and the Big Horn Mountains off to the east of the cabin I'm staying in tonight.

Yes, not in Casper tonight!! Although it's been hard to get excited for the big task that is Fall Cattlemen's Edition, one of the perks of this trip is the gracious offer of Gene and Chris Robertson for me to stay in their guest cabin, which usually accommodates hunters, fishermen, lion hunters, etc. If I hadn't been able to stay here, I would have had to stay in Worland, which is quite a few miles to the south of all my interviews, I think at least 50, and that would have resulted in a lot of driving back and forth.

The cabin is a simple affair, with one bedroom and one bath downstairs along with an open kitchen/eating area. A long covered porch stretches along one side. Upstairs is an open loft, which has a double bed and a daybed with a trundle beneath it.

Think of Prince Edward Island's 'Wee House on the Water,' only about six times the size. :-) (Visit the link! They've added on, and the 'wee house' is still miniature, but not quite to the extent when we stayed in it with six people!!)

(Look! Another whole bedroom in the Wee House! Wouldn't that have been nice. :-) )

So, back to the Wyoming cabin. Here I am, a few miles east of Hyattville, Wyoming in Big Horn County - one of the few areas of Wyoming I had yet to visit, because there's really no reason to come here, and the people who live here like it that way. I have two full days of interviews scheduled in the county for tomorrow and the next day, before heading back to Casper, where I'll stay put until after the baby's born.

More photos of the county to come - hopefully I end up with some good ones! That always makes our designer Tracy's job easier. :-)

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