Wednesday, December 7

Because I can't take just one:

Yesterday morning I started taking some pictures of Levi before I got started on my work, and before I knew it I had 105. Thank goodness for digital cameras and memory cards. :-) I'd be in a pickle if I had a film camera.

The fingers are a big thing these days. Sometimes he sticks them in his mouth so far he chokes himself, and sometimes the fingers end up in the nose instead of the mouth.

He likes the feel of the terry cloth burp clothes on his tongue. They're his new favorite thing to play with and chew on.

Yum, cotton!

Didn't quite make the mouth on that one. :-)

It's tough figuring out something so complex as to how to get a rag in your mouth. :-) I love the above photo, you can just barely see that his mouth is wide open, trying to get the rag inside.


With all these antics, do you blame me for not wanting to stop taking pictures?

Just look at those big brown eyes...

And the grin that's become pretty frequent these days.

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