Tuesday, June 23

ah, summer

the days of watering my flowers in the morning so they don't burn up during the day, sleeping with my windows open and enjoying sunsets clear into the 9 p.m. hour are here, and i love it.

yesterday turned out to be a long day - i didn't get back into town until 5:30 and i promptly went home and took an hour nap. i think the heat kinda took it out of me yesterday, esp since the air in the blazer (the roundupmobile) isn't currently working.

i arrived in worland on time, by 11, yesterday morning and met with the vice president of admiral beverage, which makes all the pepsi products for the region. in addition to pepsi and mountain dew they bottle aquavista water from the aquifer near ten sleep and other juices, sodas, lemonade and tea. after the interview i asked if i could have a tour of the factory, and he obliged. the machines on assembly lines fascinate me. i also walked out of there with two 12-packs of mt dew throwback and pepsi throwback, which are the products made with wyoming sugar. so, buy some! esp if it says it's made at the worland, wyo plant on the can/bottle.

following the pepsi factory i grabbed lunch and called david stoner, manager of the arapahoe ranch, to see if he was around for the interview. he was, so an hour later i was northwest of thermopolis, near hamilton dome, on the ranch owned by the northern arapahoe tribe. turns out he's a talker, so i was there until 3, thus the late arrival back in casper. my main reason for going there was to discuss their supply of organic grassfed beef to whole foods in the rocky mountain region - they're on their ninth shipment of 40 head this week - but, of course, the conversation ranged widely from that. pictured below are a few of their steers that will head to the front range for processing within the next few weeks. they have 3,500 mother cows that run on i don't know how many acres, but the ranch is vast. their bull pasture alone is 33,000 acres, to give you an idea of its scope.

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