Monday, June 22

today i travel to worland

apparently the pepsi factory in worland uses sugar produced from wyoming sugarbeets in their products, so i'm going there today to check into that whole situation. our idea is that the red, white and blue pepsi can/logo will make a perfect 4th of july cover photo for the paper.

also, i'm trying to get an interview in thermopolis on my way back through. it has to do with the arapahoe ranch, of the wind river indian reservation. they raise organic beef and recently landed a contract with whole foods. not sure if that one will work out yet.

another bright sunny wyoming morning today, we've had several of them in a row now so maybe our month of rain and clouds is over. it's officially summer as of yesterday! that's exciting.

and yes, friend D did call me later yesterday evening and we chatted for a bit. he was concerned i had gone riding on the mountain by myself, because, you know 'there are bears and mountain lions up there, and you coulda fallen off and been hurt and nobody would have known where you were.' hey. i tried. i tried to get somebody to go with me, and i couldn't get anybody to answer their phone, including him. :-P

so anyway. i'm off to drive 2 1/2 hours across wyoming to the big horn basin...

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