Friday, June 19

new word for the vocabulary, or not

'guaran-god-damned-tee' - a phrase/word used by friend stuart at happy hour last night. i'm sure i've heard it before, but for some reason it struck me last night as very odd, and rightfully so, because it pretty much is. i guess it's just a small example of wyoming/cowboy dialect. or maybe just redneck? not really sure. :-)

been enjoying attending the rodeo this week. . . went for the third time last night, going again tonight with roommate manda, her boy and another girl named tanya. last night i brought my camera and tried to get some photos of the wyoming kids, although i wasn't in very good places for lighting because i was having a really hard time getting my camera settings right. met friend D again there last night and watched the performance with him, he also has a pass to get him into all the nights becuase he helped set up the arena.

following the rodeo i headed back over to the beacon and settled in until the wee hours...wasn't going to, but a certain roommate showed up and was in the mood to tie one on, so i ended up sticking around and taking the occasional shot with her.

here are a few photos from thursday night's go-round:

leon coffee, a popular rodeo clown who works a lot of events in wyoming.

rough stock riders waiting behind the bucking chutes. i always wonder how many of them actually need to be there...

nikki steffes of university of wyoming in the goat tying event, in which she's in the top five, i think. she's also in the top of breakaway roping, and doing well in barrel racing. i wrote an article on her, and she's a great girl.

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