Thursday, June 18

vbs week

once again, it is that time of june where all the kiddos converge on highland park for a week of fun-filled games, snacks and songs. for the third year i'm doing what they call the 'spotlight drama,' where i have a script and get the kids to do certain poses and i take photos of them and upload them to a slideshow that's already synced with a song and they watch it all in their big group at the end of each day. it's kinda fun to do, and it's one of the only things i volunteer for right now. today was day four, one more day to go. i leave work about 9 each morning and it only takes about an hour.

while i was at the church this morning i took a few moments to chat with don, who's my boss when i work at church. i was telling him i was looking for a place to buy, and we had a discussion about casper's housing market, and how he just sold his house, and how he thinks the market has at least another year of decline in casper, because most of the time wyoming's a few years behind the rest of the country. so, i guess i keep looking and waiting for something to come along that feels like it could be home. i've looked at a lot of places that could work, but none of them really fit well with my plan, and i guess i'm not in too big of a hurry to find a place, now that i've pretty much decided i'll sign another six-month contract with my apartment. maybe if i wait longer some of those pretty decent places listed at $270K will come down under $200k and, therefore, into my price range.

last evening i worked it out with the cnfr press office to obtain a press pass, so now i'm in for free to the rest of the rodeo. i plan on bringing my camera and fooling around with getting some photos tonight. that way i'll look half-way legitimate at least. :-)

there's this tack shop in town called moss saddles & tack, run by susan and jerry moss, who advertise with the roundup and who also go to highland park. every time i go in they try to get me to buy a clay o'brian cooper saddle by cactus saddlery. i'm reminded of this because they have a booth at cnfr and i sat in one last night. i really want it. it's pretty...see? this one's about like what i've been looking at. $1800 will buy it, they say. so far i've resisted. we'll see how long i can hold out.

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