Thursday, October 1


september 30 marked the first snowfall of the season for casper. i had gone over to the beacon for happy hour to meet up with friend k - it was her birthday - and i had the best intentions of ordering up two rounds - four beers - and then taking off to finish up my to-do list before iowa friend h gets here.


friend z showed up. then brothers gerrard showed up. then good dancer l showed up. and before i knew i had was sittin there with a steak sandwich (the beacon serves the best steak sandwiches) and about 10 good people and then it was midnight. but it was the epitome of why i love the beacon on weeknights, because no one else was in there, the band was good and the men were in a dancing mood. perfect ingredients for sitting around relaxing.

so anyway. while we were sitting there it began to snow. and snow. and by the time i had dropped friend k off and was driving back across town the hills were white and the flakes still flying. it's cold today. i think it's hit 38 so far.

on another note

i'm worried about my little horses

they're in dubois

on a hunting trip. i sent them off without me. i bet they're cold. maybe i should have sent their blankets. do i sound like a worried mother? because i am. they're supposed to get home saturday sometime. i'll be glad to have them home safe.

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