Wednesday, October 7


autumn turns to winter on muddy mountain in southern natrona county, wyoming.

so i haven't posted for a while because my one of my most faithful readers has been here visiting me! iowa friend h and her kid p have been with me since last thursday evening, and they just boarded a plane early this afternoon to return to iowa. sad day! it was completely feasible that she stay here another week and ride to iowa with me next thursday, but i was turned down.... :-( something about wanting a new rotation of clothing or something.

in other news, i'm unhappy with a certain situation in my life right now. and that doesn't make me want to write much.

so instead i will post a lovely photo of me and iowa friend h and kid p.

and a photo of the him driving my truck as our chauffeur:

me and the him gathering some red dirt for iowa friend h's souvenir bottles:

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  1. Yeah, I know...I should've stayed....if only I didn't have work and a house to look after. Besides that, didn't you want your bed back? You just posted that last picture because your butt looks good. ;) Glad you didn't post the one where my underwear is showing.