Tuesday, December 8

**** fav photo of the week ******

i love this photo. i love the color and the action and that it has to do with hay and feeding cows and doing chores even though it's 0 degrees and even less than that wind chill. i love that i was out with the mutton marshall and the him.

this was sunday afternoon. the mutton marshall drove the truck, the him flaked the hay off for the cows, and i stood on the flatbed and took pictures. :-) it paid off, though, because either that photo or this one will run on the front page of the paper this week:

in other happenings, i went to goshen county for (hopefully) the last time friday for the last three winter cattlemen's articles. i just realized i did a bad thing. i switched computers, and i think i lost those photos.........

oh dear.


it's done now....


now i gotta think of a way to fix that.


:-P :-P

you see, yesterday i took photos at the 'make it with wool' fashion show at the stock growers/wool growers convention. and right before i did that i just went in and cleared my card off.

and i had those photos on my other laptop, but i've since cleaned it off.

oh dear.


seems things like this happen quite regularly to me.

oh well. onward.

how did i miss those when i was copying from my other laptop? they were all there on the desktop...maybe i do have them stuck in a file somewheres. hopefully i can find them. otherwise i'll be calling the people and bumming photos off them. that's better than deleting my whole interview from my recorder and having to call them up and ask them all basically the same questions a second time. that's not so cool. i've done it.

so anyway. :-) today's day 2 of the stockgrowers convention, and new assistant editor heather's first day.

oh, and it's bitter cold here. it has been for a week. we haven't got out of the single digits, and yesterday never above zero. tonight's supposed to be wind chill -20 to -40. hooray for that one. i put my tank heater in my horses' water, finally. there was no way around it, my tubs were starting to be solid blocks of ice by the next day. besides, i don't mind spending the extra money to run a heater because water with a warmer temperature than freezing encourages them to drink more, which reduces the risk for impaction colic, which happens when they eat too much hay and don't drink enough and don't have enough fluids to pass the forage through their system. so i feel good knowing they've got some warm water to drink.

ok, gotta go to the opening session of stockgrowers. today the governor's supposed to speak at lunch. i like him.

wish me luck on finding those photos.

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  1. Poor man, does he realize that he's always at risk of being published now that he's with you? :)