Thursday, December 17

wyo governor candidates

so far we've had four people step forward in the 2010 race for wyoming governor. two of them are ranchers, one's a legislator and the woman's somehow involved in state government. this is one of them, matt mead:

i like how to be considered for politics in wyoming, you first have to be down-to-earth and real. wyoming people are pretty good at not buying into pretty packages and smooth words. if you look like you just came in from a day working cows, they might just think you're alright.

this photo's on the cover of the paper this week. we run a feature on each candidate as they announce their bid for governor. we've already featured uinta county rancher ron micheli, who's also been the director of the wyoming dept of ag some years back.

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  1. I like the look of him; I'd trust him as governor I think.