Wednesday, December 23

photos, finally

so, i haven't uploaded many photos lately because i traded out laptops when assist editor heather started, and i hadn't installed my canon photo disk yet. lately i've had to upload my photos that way because my old card reader won't recognize my new 8 gig card...

so that's the new laptop, in the background. it's essentially like the old one, but i like the keyboard a lot better, and it's intel-based so i can use some programs i wasn't able to on the old one. that, and i can now play those instant movies and tv episodes from netflix :-)

the pistachios are from the him's brother j, who owns a truck and hauls a variety of freight. so far he's given me pistachios, walnuts, chocolate with walnuts and the best orange blossom honey from california. a major part of his contracts, it sounds like, consist of hauling bees from the alfalfa fields in wyoming to the orchards in california for the winter, and he hauls them the other direction in the spring.

it looks a lot like christmas around the place:

my squinty-eyed link is as crazy as ever. he gets to forego the christmas trip to iowa this year. i decided it would be too stressful for them to have to ride in the cab of my pickup with my sister's dogs, who are now cat-killers as well.

what do you do when you have a whole package of red christmas balls left over? disperse them amongst the plentiful glassware.

it was bitter cold here in wyoming for a while. i'm talking miserable, freeze your face and fingers off. there were four or five days we didn't get out of the single digits, and a couple of them we didn't break 0.

i've taken to getting to work at 7 a.m., so i'm usually headed over between 6:30 and 7. this is what early-morning chill in casper looks like:

it was so cold for so long i had to break down and get my tank heater out (which still worked from last winter, and i was kind of surprised. they're usually pretty finicky), and since i only have one and didn't want to pay to run two, i bought this sheep tub so both the horses can share a heater. whoever invented tank heaters is brilliant.

i've assembled quite the collection of pendleton whiskey bottles, and have also been saving the corks. i decided to cut them off flat and hot-glue heavy duty magnets on the back. i rather like my little craft project:

and this was another craft project, for the roundup staff christmas party, held here at the office. the idea came across on an email from martha stewart, so i went and bought little birds from hobby lobby, brushed glue on them and covered them in glitter.

the branches assist editor heather cut from branches around the office, and she sprayed them with the fake aerosol snow you'd use for window art. we had about nine branches, and they were all stuck in clear glass bottles from my collection. i bought the ribbon at hobby lobby, too, and paula tied it and put the fake snow in the bottles.

the blue ones were my favorite:

we met up to decorate the office sat morning, and at noon we all departed and i got to work on my appetizer contributions, both of which were bacon-wrapped delicacies. you can't go wrong with bacon-wrapped appetizers.

i bought 25 japs, thinking that 50 of them would be enough for 22 people. but no. they were gone almost instantly.

don't they look perfectly tempting? (they were. i ate my fair share when they finished baking. and they made the apt smell so good)

these are the 'chicken little' deals that i also put together. the chicken was marinaded in a soy sauce-ginger-garlic concoction.

and, in other news, the dog has left the country. ok maybe just the state, but he's gone home to new york for the foreseeable future. can't say as i'll miss him a whole lot, as he was getting really bored and chewing up the most random things. he'll be happier in ny with roommate a's dad and the big black german shepherd.

so that's about all that were worth putting up here.

it's snowing outside, and that's why i'm still here in the roundup office instead of in iowa, or on the way there. right now i'm waiting for the jan. 2 paper to be put on the share drive so i can proof it, and hopefully get out of here a little before 5.

no plans really for tonight, except i know friend casey will prob want me to travel over to the beacon to chill with him, which i might, depending on what the him's up to. i know he is planning to travel to the assoc to get his new black 2010 ford truck back from his brother bob, who took it buffalo hunting at jackson last weekend. in the meanwhile he's been driving bob's old blue dodge, which sounds like a tractor.

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