Thursday, December 24

christmas eve in casper

so yesterday the snow hit us here in casper, and we had about eight inches fall. today is bright and sunny, but this is what it looked like last night when i went to feed my horses after finishing up the papers at the roundup:

for once april wasn't shivering, but jazz was. remember that double water tub and the water heater? yep, workin great.

it was cold out there, and very snowy, but it looked very christmasy.

and when i got back to the apt the him was here so i pulled some frozen pizza dough out and cobbled together a pizza. i love pizzas - great way to use up leftover fresh ingredients.


baked, and delicious:

here are some more glitter bird shots, i couldn't resist posting more:

i took some of them and put them in my office:

and this is what my new office looks like:

the bird nest outside my window.

and the peach jam that jo keith dropped by the office:

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  1. Your decorations really did turn out fun. Different, but still Christmas-y. Your pizza on the other hand needs less mushrooms. Makes me hungry for that black bean one....yum!