Sunday, December 20

roundup christmas

the roundup christmas party went over really well last night. co workers paula, jody and heather and i met up at 10 yesterday morning to set up tables and decorate a little, then i left for a second hobby lobby run, feeding the horses, and putting together my appetizers - bacon-wrapped jalapenos and 'chicken littles,' bacon-wrapped chicken. they were supposed to have water chesnuts wrapped in them too, but i'd forgotten they were in the recipe and didn't want to go back to the store.

the him showed up about 3:30 after doing some cow work at the association that day, he helped me load stuff and i straightened my hair and we got back to the office shortly after 4:30.

we had lots of appetizers, prime rib, salad, potatoes, rolls and an assortment of pudding pies that heather brought.

the glitter birds turned out perfectly. i have some photos i need to upload to my computer. heather cut branches, paula filled my assortment of whiskey and vinegar bottles with fake snow and tied red ribbons on them, then heather sprayed the branches with aeresol snow - which turned out really well - and we wired the glitter birds to the white frosted branches. i quite liked it.

the him fit right in with all the office people. i knew he would. i like how, at the roundup christmas, all of our men show up in starched jeans. trophy buckles and cowboy hats.

paula drew my name, and got me a western photo frame and votive holder and a package of candles. i gave curt a mouse trap cheese slicer and board. it was kinda cool i thought.

after dinner about eight or nine of us went over to the beacon to hang out for a while. friends jake, casey and stuart were there, and friend jamie came out. about 11 though i was so sleepy i went home. and the band was awful.

and this morning was my last day ever to work at church. MY LAST DAY TO WORK AT CHURCH. woooooooo. i'm quite excited about that. i'll miss the check, but it wasn't anything too generous, and having my tuesday evenings and weekends to myself will be quite novel after two and a half years being obligated to a second job.

so now both roommate a and the dog are gone. they left this afternoon for new york for christmas, and the dog will be left there. which will be great. i was losing patience with him. after i got back from cleaning horse pens i took some time to schlep some things of his out to the garage.

and tonight i'm getting ready to leave for iowa. that drive is scheduled for wednesday, but i just noticed today we have a chance of snow tuesday evening, so not too excited about that.

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