Tuesday, March 23

the midland edition

as i wrote yesterday, the deadline for our editorial in the midland bull test edition is due at noon today, and i think assist editor h and i already have the bulk of it done. all that's left on this end is getting a few changes from a couple of the article subjects. i finally got the bull test results in my email last night, so i spent the evening editing and formatting just over 6,000 words of EPDs from 10 breeds of bulls. i talked to layout girl t first thing this morning, and sounded like that end of it was going well.

the couple in the photo here are steve and lindsay williams, managers of the bull test. his father-in-law is a founder, thus their connection. i interviewed them on a conference call, a new experience because steve is deaf. lindsay translated his quotes, though, and it worked out just fine. 

since i got a couple of my midland interviews done and the articles written early yesterday, the rest of the day i dedicated to phone calls for the regular weekly. i was on the phone a lot, and that's a good thing because i got a lot of interviews taken care of. last i heard from coworker jody, we were 59 percent advertising on 20 pages, which means we could be easily pushed to 24 pages. generally we run about 55 percent advertising.

anyway, enough about the newspaper. i've even been dreaming about it..... the other night i dreamed they told me the regular weekly would be 30 pages.

things with my home-elect are moving along. i heard from my banker this morning, and they had the appraisal lined up, and had received the contract from my realtor, along with some of those other details, and he said things were going well. inspections are thursday at 1 p.m., so i will go over there to see what they have to say about how my house is hopefully not falling apart.

i keep having the him drive past it when we're out and about town to see if there's a 'sold' sign on it yet, which i thought there should be since it's under contract. but nope, not yet. i want to take a picture of it as proof - and maybe to myself - that it's mine.

after several days in the 50s, today is cold and wet and snowy and breezy and generally not very nice. puppy lucy is not a fan - after taking her out earlier this morning, i had to drag her from under the couch when it came time to go back out and get in the truck for work.

thanks to having a baby dog in the house, i now consistently get out of bed on or before 5 a.m. and actually, i kind of like it, because i have time to start the day with a cup of coffee and some reading before showering and heading to the office. it's relaxing.

oh! and the big news of yesterday is that my birthday spurs with my C } brand are done! thus, the him and brother b and i are planning a trip to riverton saturday, to get my spurs, the him's bit and brother b's bit and spurs. and friend nick's bit. talk about a pricey trip. :-P the him said his total is $700, but his is a pretty elaborate spade bit, so i'm sure my spurs are a fraction of that... or that's what i'm hoping. i'm looking forward to seeing the silver floral pattern that i chose for the shank and button of my spurs. pictures will be forthcoming!

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