Tuesday, April 27

i should move more often

so, after not having done any weight monitoring in a long while because of moving and everything else, i stepped on the scale this morning and promptly decided i should move more often! it's proven to be a good weight loss plan.

otherwise, this week is dead week for the horse edition - deadline is april 30. i had to go to laramie today for a meeting on wind energy infrastructure, and i took puppy lucy with me.

last night i didn't get home until 9 because i moved my horses over to friend jake's, and it takes like five hours to travel the road back to his house because there are so many potholes.

this evening i need to go clean my apartment, and i still have plenty of putting away to do here at the house, but i've been doing it little bit little as i've had a few moments.

but for now, i don't have my computer cord and it's going to go dead any second.

oh yeah, the photo was taken last night while i was with the him checking his calves. they've got several, and it was a gorgeous evening.

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