Thursday, May 13

creamy corn and vegetable soup

since the temperature in casper has been in the 30s for the last several days, and because it's been precipitating for the last several days - frozen or not - and since it was still cloudy and dark and chilly last night, i did the only logical thing when i got home from work.

i made soup!!

the other day i finally made time to find some recipes and put together a grocery list, so i had come home with the vegetables necessary to make 'creamy corn and vegetable soup,' courtesy ellie kreiger and the food network.

i started out with a pot full of chopped zucchini, onions and red pepper. you cook those vegetables in olive oil for five minutes or so before adding any other ingredients.

honestly, all those things got all happy in the olive oil, so i couldn't resist scooping some out of the pot, sprinkling it with salt and eating it on the spot. it was delicious.

and meanwhile, while the vegetables are cooking, i pureed half the corn and the milk. this was a bit of a process, as when i dumped it in my blender the milk immediately started running out of the bottom, so i ended up transferring it to my food processor, which worked just fine. if anyone has ideas on how to stop a blender seal from leaking, that'd be great, thanks.

after the vegetables are appropriately cooked, add the chicken broth...

....then the milk and tomatoes...

...and just for s and g's i decided to throw in a bunch of fresh mushrooms, since they're pretty much a staple in my refrigerator. and, i must tell you, they ended up being my favorite part of the soup.

and here's the finished product, with some basil, salt and pepper added in last-minute. if i make it again, i'll probably throw in some extra herbs and spices, because i like lots of flavor and there wasn't quite enough for me. aside from chopping the vegetables, it was a pretty quick dish to put together, and a perfect soup for a chilly wednesday evening. plus, there's lots left over!

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