Friday, May 14


so as the weather finally turns warmer the trees here in casper are finally starting to bud. i remember last year they took even longer - it was june before the trees actually looked green.

this weekend i have housework and a western jewelry and home show to attend saturday with friends jamie and tami larsen... not really my kind of shopping usually, but i do often find myself wishing i had more chunky necklaces to wear with my western shirts, so we'll see what kind of prices they have. saturday afternoon/evening i'll head up to the association in preparation for the departure in the wee hours of sunday morning for the stone ranch branding. i'm taking my big camera, and am excited for the photos, as the mountains in that ranch's area received a thick blanket of snow from this last storm, so the event should be pretty picturesque.

the warmer weather brings to mind a few of my summer plans that are approaching quickly, like an early-june horse camping trip with my sister in the hole-in-the-wall country north of casper - the country where the outlaw butch cassidy and others of the sort hid out in the old west days. i've always wanted to explore that area, so this will be a perfect opportunity.

also in june is the college national finals rodeo here in casper, the chris ledoux memorial statue dedication in kaycee, the sheepherder's fair  at powder river and coworker paula's wedding here in town. yet to come in may is memorial day, a weekend that will be spent working the him's and brother b's cattle.

then, in july the him, sister m and i will head to iowa for the annual fourth of july celebration in the little town of williams, which my parents live nearby, and where my brother and my grandma h live. it's been several years since i've been there for the 4th, and in iowa in the summer, and i'm looking forward to going. this is a sunset photo from july 2007, taken from my parents' farmyard. the small dots of trees on the horizon are each a farmstead - that neat representation of civilization is something not present in wyoming. :-)

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