Friday, June 25

it brightened my evening considerably

last night i left work at 5 and headed to the house. i had just sat down on the couch to take a break after finishing up this week's editorial for the paper. i also spend a good part of the afternoon trying to work out a plan for the next two weeks that will cover the few days i'll be on vacation in iowa.

so there i was, eating a piece of cold pizza and looking through a new catalog when scott called and asked if i wanted to join him and trav at the beacon. i figured, why not, because i needed to head that direction to give friend jamie our garage sale stuff (community wide garage sales tomorrow in paradise valley). so i hurried over there after getting all the stuff together, and, already being tired and worn out and stressed about taking time off, was a little miffed that i didn't see his truck in the parking lot when i got there. so i went on in to find trav and ordered my drink, times two (happy hour!).

a few minutes later scott texted: 'can you come outside? i need your help with something.' being a good girlfriend, i was confused but went outside anyway. 'you really need to get all your crap out of my truck' he said. i was still very confused. then he opened the back door of his truck, and there sat the hat box pictured above.

and before i opened it i knew it was the seratelli hat in the new 'dirt' color that's been on my lust list ever since scott and i went into lou tauberts the night he bought my new palm leaf. he'd stopped by to purchase it before heading to the beacon, and there i had been upset that he was late. :-)

this hat makes three that he's given to me, actually all the hats that i have now have been gifts from scott. these photos don't do the color justice. it's a gray/brown shade.

i'm a big fan of bound edges - my other hats also have them - and scott will help me reshape it a little before i wear it, right now the brim is way too narrow, it feels like it looks pointy when i've got it on. but it's pretty classic, and now i have a light-colored felt to add to my black felt and palm leaf. :-)

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