Friday, June 25

'garbage' scrambled eggs

in my old college town of ames there's a popular restaurant known as hickory park, and their specialty is burgers and barbecue. it's the kind of place where, when i was still in highschool, whenever my family was in town we'd stop there to eat, usually enjoying one of their wide variety of burgers and onion rings.

anyway, they have this one burger on their menu called the 'garbage burger' that my dad would order occasionally, with all sorts of toppings piled on it and several kinds of bread. thus, whenever i make anything that lends itself to using up ingredients, it falls in my 'garbage' recipe category. this post is about the garbage scrambled eggs that came into being several evenings ago.

it all started with a package of side pork from the big sack in my freezer that came from scott's mother. now, some of the kind folks out here prefer side pork, which is uncured, to bacon, but, being raised on the delicious, thick cured bacon from the local locker in iowa, i think it's a little bland. but anyhow, i thawed a package and fried part of it up, and that was just the beginning.

then i found leftover green onions in the fridge, so they went under the knife.

some wayward eggs have made their home on my refrigerator shelf for too long, so out they came.

after the side pork cooked down - and i drained out all the grease - i added the green onions, and also grape tomatoes that were on the back of the lower shelf.

then it occurred to me that my herbs could use some trimming, so out i went with my scissors, returning with parsley, chives and basil. it was at this point that scott came in the kitchen - he'd left me in charge of making something out of the sidepork - and asked suspiciously about my leafy green herbs.

combine it all together with some cheddar cheese, salt and garlic powder (for scott. he loves garlic) and we were ready to go. looks good to me!

again, this dish was too fancy for scott. after asking about the herbs, holding his plate, he says 'are those tomatoes?'

'sometimes i like just a plain dish without a bunch of stuff added in,' he says, in the kindest way possible. another thing - when i make my food i do the best job possible to get all the flavorings and seasonings just right so you don't have to add anything to it when it's on your plate, but scott is very fond of putting ketchup on his eggs, no matter if i dress them up or not.... so he knew he'd be in trouble if he slathered my little side pork masterpiece... but i told him he could use ketchup if he wanted, and i enjoyed mine with the flavors just as they were, and didn't look at his plate. :-)


  1. I put things in eggs that make Mike suspicious too. My favorite is a little fresh spinach, it seems to hide well. But I also used fresh green beans last summer when I had a lot. Just pretended they were green beans. I think it's a good way to add veggies. But then again, I like ketchup on my eggs too...

  2. i have spinach in the fridge, and i totally would have added it, if the dish was for me alone, but scott will not touch cooked spinach, so i decided i better not push it with everything else. :-)