Monday, July 19

C } branding day

this is my little heifer calf as she did her best to escape the loops of trav and scott yesterday up at the association corrals. we needed to catch her to put my brand on her, as earlier this spring she only got scott's, as i forgot my irons in town.


i placed my brand, with help from bob to make it straight.

and lu came up to the corral to observe the goings-on. it's the first time she's come up and helped us work. such a smiley dog. she stayed right with me and did her best to stay out of the way.

after we did a few more of scott and bob's late calves we cornered my mares and blindfolded them for their branding.

ta da!

don't they look nice?

then a storm passed over while we were eating some steaks grilled by becky for dinner. i followed it back into town. that's the backside of casper mountain, and the rainbow right over town.

happy trails to you, too, april. i only brought her back to the pasture, as jazz was left at the association for this weekend's ranch rodeo in meeteetse.

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