Monday, July 19

1406 S Lincoln Housewarming

last friday night was my housewarming party! i knew i wanted to have one eventually, so originally i had picked a fairly empty weekend. turned out not to be that way, but it was ok. it was attended mostly by roundup people, and scott's family members also gathered together.

curt and diane and their twins carter and cooper came over.

and jody.

and peggy and publisher dennis and scott's brother bob. note: dennis is sitting on a blue chair. prior to that he was sitting on a red chair, which suddenly and unexpected left him sitting on the driveway and his drink on his head.

scott fired up his fairly new charcoal grill and grilled the burgers. this was the first time we tried the ground beef from tyrone, and it did make good burgers.

this was tyrone, the 20-something-year-old retired lead steer up at the association. some outfits use steers who know the way to help move cattle from pasture to pasture.

a chilly day in april he met his fate. so far scott and i have grilled some tenderloin, that was delicious. don't worry! health inspector friend jamie, who inspects the processors in the area, was on hand to ensure everything was proper. :-) the hide went to lander to be tanned. i want a hide rug someday.

my food buffet table was also in the newly-cleaned patio, and i had the chance to use some of my dish collection. the thermometer hanging on the wall was a housewarming gift from jody. it was pretty hot in the patio, so scott had set up the box fan to keep air circulating.

and some of my glass collection i put to use as a centerpiece. this long table and my long serving table were borrowed from friend jamie, and jody chipped in with the collapsible (sometimes unexpectedly) picnic table on the grass, as well as a crock pot for part of the baked beans i put together.

the girls lucy and foxy really wanted to join the party, and we did eventually let them out, and paula's pug pup tyson was also over.

tyson partied a little too hard! he had a fun time with the kids who were at the party, as did the other two pups. they got lots of child interaction.

p.s. thanks to heather of double h photo for taking most of these pics while i was busy making sure everything was as it should be!

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