Tuesday, July 27

it only took a year and a half

in the midst of the ranch rodeo business and excitement of last weekend, i overlooked the notable fact that i had a gooseneck ball installed in my pickup last week, picking it up friday.

since i got the truck in january 2009 i've wanted to put one in, and since i started hanging out with scott and helping with ranch work it's been obvious that i needed to install one so my truck could actually be useful. it's kind of the same situation me and my horses are in with not being able to rope.

so, after all the house start-up expenses settled down, this month i had the extra money and i called up a guy who runs wyoming turbo, as he was the one recommended by friend dejoe, who sold me the truck.

last july's truck project was tinting the windows all the way around, which i love. until i got my mercedes car without tint, i never realized how much cooler the truck's interior stays in the summer sun.

so anyway, there it sits in the driveway with the shiny gold ball in the bed, and it's a B&W turnover ball, so you can pull it out of the square bracket and flip it upside down to have a level truck bed again, if need be. i could have just had a fixed one welded in, but i figured i might as well get the good one. maybe this weekend i can come up with a reason to head to the ranch and hook scott's trailer on it to try it out. :-) there is a used titan gooseneck horse trailer at our friends' trailer dealership that scott told me about, with a dressing room in the nose and a saddle rack in the back corner. thinking about going by to take a look, since it might be a good price.

it's been nice, having the diesel mercedes, as i've already spent a lot less on fuel. yesterday i filled the truck for the first time since returning from our july 4th trip to iowa. it used to take $75 once a week to fill it, and sometimes more. anyone with a truck is very familiar with the fact that most gas pumps shut off at $75. it's depressing to have to run your card twice at one fuel stop!

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