Sunday, July 18

moving day

part of the reason it's been several days since i've posted is that there's been a lot going on around these parts, including moving the roundup office to its new quarters downtown.

two years ago, even more than that, really, publisher dennis bought a new office building, and we all went down and toured it, but at the time the farm bureau insurance people were still going to be there a while, and our lease with our current building wasn't up for two years, so it was something new, but still a long way off until we actually got in there.

but, this weekend was the weekend we transferred all of our stuff, amidst putting the regular paper out and state fair edition deadline. the photo above is my office in the old building, mostly packed. we were responsible for out little things, and dennis hired some guys to come in and move all the desks for us, which was great.

this is the front room in the old office, with most of the little stuff moved away. paula's desk was still set up because she was still working on the paper and hadn't packed yet.

and this is my new office, when i walked in yesterday to start unpacking a little. dennis and paula were also there working on some organizing.

and this is how it looked when i left yesterday. not finished, but a lot more workable than it was. i love the windows. they're south-facing, so i will get plenty of light and sunshine.

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