Monday, March 14

Snowsuits, Texas cooking and other odds and ends

This is my newest cookbook, given to me by sister-in-law Penny. She picked it up while she was in Sheridan for hockey games with nephew Kyle and mother-in-law Shirley. There are many tasty recipes and great old photos in it, and I need to make a grocery list and make a Texas meal one of these days.

This is Scott with his new chainsaw, which he had to clarify, for my mom's benefit, was 'rancher tough' and not 'farm tough' like the bar says.

And this is the Columbia snowsuit that will keep our baby warm through the bitter cold months next winter.

It's an up to six months size, so it should work for all of the winter months. Penny and Shirley also picked this up for us. On the day in February that we went snowshoeing they went shopping and found it on sale at Sportsmen's Warehouse.

It even has a zip-out fleece liner that looks so cozy that I want a snowsuit like this. Thanks so much to Penny and Shirley, and I'm really looking forward to using it next winter.

And this is the glass cylinder that my mom gave me. My table had still been set for Valentine's so last weekend I changed it up a little, using a bed sheet and the wrap that Emily gave me to wear at her wedding. I also have a few more things to add to the cylinder - they include twigs, birds and nests - but for now it's a simple and fresh table centerpiece.

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