Sunday, May 1

Noteworthy anniversary

In the midst of last week, which was consumed with Horse Edition articles, regular weekly articles and having a bad cold that started on Wednesday, and being gone last weekend, I missed a post about the one-year mark in my house!

It was a just a little over a year ago that I (an my animal companions) started packing up all my belongings from my apartment, where I'd lived for almost four years - ever since I first moved to Casper in 2006.

'Yep, this drawer's empty'
It was a good apartment. I liked its positioning on the ground floor - no steps to haul all my stuff up and down for four years, and because it was part submerged underground, it stayed cool in summer and warm in winter. It also let in a lot of light through a south-facing sliding glass door. I really didn't mind it, as far as apartments go, but there comes a time when one has to quit renting and either move on or settle in permanently. I chose to settle in permanently, and had begun my house hunt a year before.

Puppy Lucy had joined the family a few months before, in anticipation of a move from the apartment to a house. Ironically, the house I ended up buying in Spring 2010 was the very first house I walked through on my initial house hunt in Spring 2009. I think it was being saved especially for me, because it stuck in my mind that whole time, and I still love it just as much today.

Moving is always a mess! There always comes the stage when you've run out of boxes, or just have all the miscellaneous stuff that doesn't fit in boxes.

So there's a mess on the move-out end, and another on the move-in end. Sister Melissa was kind enough to come over from Lander for the weekend to help me move.

And here is the front room on this sunny Sunday morning, taken from my customary spot on the couch with my feet up. I love the sunshine! And it's warm enough this morning that I opened a kitchen window and the front door to let the sunshine in and listen to the birds singing.

I love my house! It was a definitely a good purchase.

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